Evelyn Prescott | 19 | Witch | FC: Sarah Bolger | TAKEN


That girl is a God damn problem, she’s hell raising and she doesn’t need saving, ‘cause there’s no salvation for a bad girl.

You know there’s two options a girl can take when she gets kicked to the curb – her whole world utterly destroyed and her heart shattered – and those are either curl into a ball and hide from the world or get mad and fight back. Evelyn Prescott took the second option without a second of hesitation. Growing up she was always the ‘wild child’. The one who was always sneaking out to meet her boyfriend after midnight, coming come smelling of vodka or worse not coming home at all. Basically she was the one driving her big sister Eleanor Prescott insane. Of course she loves her big sister and ever since their parents died she’s been pretty much looking out for both of them like their parents would have. Ellie was just as heart broken but she managed to pull herself together long enough to take care of all the important adult stuff like bills and dinner and new school books – Ellie was only eighteen at the time. While Evie often felt guilty for making her sister worry she didn’t stop and she rarely apologised because hey, that’s just who she is. You can take it or leave it.

In school she was more inclined to hang around with Selena Blair or Elizabeth Anderson in order to borrow a spare cigarette – she was going through her ‘smoking is cool’ phase – behind the bleachers than to actually be out there on the field in one of those peppy little outfits learning some mindless new yell. While Evie didn’t often get on very well with other girls she got on with those two. They knew how to have fun and their morals were just as loose if not more so than hers. High school wasn’t all house parties and skipping class, in fact there was actually a boy, a very special boy actually if you must know. This boy was the first and the last person Evie let herself fall completely and whole heartedly in love with. They were going to get married you know, some day, in a little cathedral in Rome. He used to talk about it with her all the time and he was a really great guy, you know? Straight As, a shoe-in for a scholarship – he was really going to be somebody but most of all he was Evie’s somebody.

During the time she was with him she toned down enough to actually start to build back up that bond she had with her sister before she started acting out. Evie was happy but then her eighteenth birthday came around. She could never understand why Ellie seemed to dislike her boyfriend so much – why she tried so hard to keep Evie away from him but then she figured it out the hard way. Evelyn Prescott turned eighteen and the boy she was in love with – the boy who was in love with her – died. Suddenly and without warning he just…died. The doctor’s ruled it an accident of some sort but Evie just knew that was wrong. It felt wrong and that was when she found out the truth her sister had been keeping from her. When they were babies a curse was put on them by a warlock their dad had crossed paths with and obviously upset. The curse stated that when each girl turned eighteen any person who they were mutually in love with would die. That meant that ultimately neither sister would ever find love because their love – it carried a death sentence. Evelyn was eighteen. She dropped out of school, rejected her college offers, jumped on her motorcycle and left Havensdale and all its memories behind her.

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