Quinn Valentine | 17 | Junior at Havensdale High | Shifter | FC: 
Teresa Palmer | TAKEN


❝Got a figure like a pinup, got a figure like a doll, don’t care if you think I’m dumb, I don’t care at all.

Quinn Valentine isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the packet if you get what we mean. More often than not you can find her with her mouth slightly open staring into space as her mind wanders aimlessly in circles thinking about glitter and kittens and all those other happy things in life- boys being a big factor in the ‘happy things’ category. Although her common sense isn’t exactly common Quinn has come up with more than her fair share of particularly cruel schemes to inflict upon those who deserve them and the fact that most underestimate her doey eyes and vacant expression only gives her that extra edge. This is an edge that BFF Faye Montgomery first came to love about her. You see Faye likes to think of herself as the It Girl- Queen B and every Queen needs a couple of loyal left and right hand women, right? Quinn is on the right and she loves it, she loves being a part of Faye’s life and while she can sometimes be a little cold and bitchy to her, Quinn knows that with Faye you really just need to have a little patience. What are friends for, right?

There’s nothing Quinn enjoys more than flirting with a good looking boy, any good looking boy, every good looking boy. There is however one boy who she sort of has a thing with. They’re not dating per say but she does very much enjoy the company of one Noah De Luca. He’s ridiculous but adorable and he makes her giggle. Not too mention he’s totally smoking hot- it’s just too bad she has zero idea how much his best friend Christian Cooper is head over heels for her. In general though she has no problem with twirling her blonde locks or batting her eyelashes to get her way be that to get out of a detention so she can make cheer practice or to get someone else to do her homework for her. See Quinn hates studying, it’s like the words just won’t go into her head properly you know? Besides she has far better things to be doing! As if she’s going to be stuck inside doing an English essay when she could be out having fun. However she does know that sooner or later she’s going to have to do something about her grades I mean, she can’t just flirt her way into college? Can she? Aren’t all those guys like old and gross?

Quinn is good at hiding things though, things like her report cards and letters from the school and those parking tickets she needs to remember to pay. Her parents are pretty much clueless to what’s going on in their daughter’s life and that’s only partly because Quinn doesn’t want them to know. You see Mr and Mrs Valentine both have very highly paid jobs in the fashion industry and while their family home is situated in small town Havensdale- so Quinn and her twin sister Isabel Valentine could have a “real” childhood- their work is in the city. They’re gone most of the time, jet setting all around the world at a moments notice and while at first having the house to herself was great now she just kind of misses her parents. She just wants to have a normal mom and dad who love her and maybe eat dinner at the table with her and Isabel every once in a while. Is that too much to ask? She still has Isabel though who she loves with all her heart and there’s Faye too even if lately Quinn’s noticed that Isabel isn’t all that keen on Miss Queen B these days. If there’s one thing Quinn hates more than studying it’s arguments that put her directly in the middle. Everyone cross heir fingers it doesn’t come to that now.

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