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Maximillian Wood has been re-opened.

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One Day More!

Somewhat, depending on your timezone really but anyway. The Sadie Hawkins dance after a world of hardship has finally come to be. It’s going to run from Thursday-Sunday. Feel free to make posts about getting ready (listening to the HSM soundtrack, doing their hair, wondering why they keep getting dragged to these things) all day tomorrow until the following starting times after which you can feel free to make starters at the dance.

Remember to read up on the event information, message us if you want anything extreme to happen (baring in mind if you ruin the decore Maddie will find you) and most of all, have fun!

Start Times:

  • 11pm GMT
  • 3pm PST
  • 5pm CST
  • 6pm EST
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Event Ten → Havensdale Valley's First Annual Sadie Hawkins Dance

The Sadie Hawkins Dance was popularized by establishing dance events to which the woman invited a man of her choosing, instead of demurely waiting for a man to ask her. The first known such event was held on November 9, 1938. Within a year, hundreds of similar events followed suit. By 1952, the event was reportedly celebrated at 40,000 known venues. It became a woman-empowering rite at high schools and college campuses, and the tradition continues in some regional American cultures.

Listen up ladies of Havensdale! If the Boy Toy Auction wasn’t enough to satisfy your “needs” then now is your chance to nab the boy of your dreams! That’s right, you guessed it! Havensdale Valley will be hosting it’s very first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance!

As tradition goes, it’s the female’s job to invite one lucky male suitor (or lady friend, if that’s how you roll) to be their date for the evening’s festivities. It is also tradition for invitations to be as wildly imaginative as you can manage! Of course, I’m sure the men ‘round these here parts will be feeling just as much pressure to be an eligible suitor as you can imagine.

Everyone is welcome to attend, including all those cute parents and teachers out there!

The evening will begin with a traditional dance in the town hall, exclusively for those with a ticket to attend, and will later spill out into the town square where all are welcome to enjoy the live music, food and festivities!

More information will follow, including the official date for the event, so ladies! On your marks, get set, Go! And remember, it’s the ladies choice!


  • Date/s and time/s: Thursday 11th September — Sunday 14th September
  • Location: Town Hall and Town Square
  • The dance itself will take place in Town Hall and will later open up into the Square
  • Live bands will be playing in the gazebo, while a DJ plays inside for those not as accustomed to the fresh air
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On a quick sidenote, when your hunters return back to their former and real times selves they will remember what happened to them. They’ll remember being turned young again, all the things they did, felt, said…

For example: when Carrie changes back she’ll be haunted by that love for Jesse McCartney she’s been trying to suppress for two years.

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Vampires have to be invited inside.

It’s an oldie yes, but it’s a goodie.

Basically any privately owned property— think mainly people’s homes— can not be entered by a vampire unless an occupant of said home invites them in. It’s one of those quirky little defences the First Coven worked in way back when. Public buildings like schools and libraries, abandoned properties, non-occupied places need no invitation to be walked into. So you know, your vampire can still purchase that dream home. 

Of course there are some creative ways to get around that old invisible barrier but none of them are too pleasant.

An invitation can not be revoked. Once that vampire is allowed it, it is allowed in.

However, as always there is a loophole. A home can be re-protected by a witch. If it is, then all previous invitations are erased and any vampires invited in before won’t be able to just walk in any more.

The moral of the story really is: pay the pizza man on the porch.

Also note that the owner of the home has be living for the barrier against vampires to be up. Meaning a vampire can show up unannounced in other vampires’ homes (unless the home is owned by a living and most likely compelled living person)— rude maybe but not stoppable.

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Title: Feelin' It

Artist: Scotty McCreery

Played: 1089 times
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Gather around campers. Now while I’m not 100% sure when our queen Kayleigh is coming home, I do know I have to be in Glasgow at 10am Saturday so it must be soon. Either that or she’s standing me up for Florida. Either way, make sure y’all throw on your Sunday best, dust off the decorations and for the love of all that is good in this world— remember the cake.

Are you excited? I’m excited!


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