Bethany Sawyer | 26 | Salesperson at Havensdale Bookstore | 
Werewolf | FC: Zooey Deschanel | OPEN


Do you know that there’s still a chance for you ‘cause there’s a spark in you? You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine, just own the night like the 4th of July.

Bethany Sawyer has always been a little bit of an odd-ball but an over-achieving one at that. Growing up in Havensdale Valley she topped every list her school had on offer and was a done deal for a scholarship into the college of her choosing. She’s a perfectionist, over-working herself to the point of exhaustion but always comes out the other end of things with the desired results. She likes to knit and buy new dresses and things that smell of rain – plus she plays a pretty mean tune on the ukulele. In high school she was never really one to stand out from the crowd and instead of running for student body president like her friends had suggested she settled for treasurer. Believe it or not the girl actually likes math – it’s practical. Despite having a creative streak to her in terms of music and the ability to drift off into elaborate daydreams she really isn’t one to to be involved with any other aspects of the arts. Honestly, even her stick figures suck and she never did understand that play a guy from drama club took her to in senior year that one time. Bethany had only really agreed to go because she didn’t want to feel mean and there was a promise of free food.

So there she was. Bethany Sawyer, in her home-knitted jumper just waiting for her life to begin. She never hurt anyone in her whole life. She’d never even gotten a parking ticket. No sex, no drugs and no rock and roll for her. Why are these things important? Well because Bethany used to recite them to herself over and over trying to figure out what she’d done wrong. What’d she’d done to deserve it. You see the summer after graduation was supposed to be all about last hoorays so even though she really didn’t want to go to that party in the Valley Woods she did anyway. Her friends were drunk and dancing but Bethany had started to feel just a little nauseous and so to avoid the humiliation of throwing up on some infinitely attractive member of the opposite sex she ventured off into the woods. There was no way she could have known what – or more so who – was waiting for her. It all happened so fast and even now her few nightmares remain a blur. Bethany was attacked by an animal and she was bitten by that same animal only it wasn’t just any animal.

The full moon was that night and the effects of the bite were almost instantaneous. She fell to the ground, the pain overwhelming her and as the tears streamed down her face she was so sure she was going to die. Alone. In the woods with her friends so close and yet so far away from her. Luckily Bethany didn’t die and instead she successfully made the transition to werewolf. That night it was a miracle she didn’t hurt any of her friends but a few bunny rabbits might have gotten it – let’s just say that now she’s a vegetarian. Bethany woke up alone, bruised, blood under her finger nails and with no recollection of what had happened. You can only imagine the panic she felt in that moment alone. Scared and confused she deferred from school and took off leaving two very confused and worried parents behind. Life was rough to the say the least. She felt like a teenage runaway with a very pink ribbon in her hair. It wasn’t until the third transition alone that she finally met someone who could help her. Max Wood was her saving grace and to this day he has stayed by her side. With Max she learned how to manage, adapt and go on to help others. Now Bethany has her own pack to look after, her own family and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for them. Maybe she’s still a bit goofy but Bethany is every much the Alpha as any born werewolf out there.

Additional Information

  • Bethany was bitten when was she was eighteen years old by an Original werewolf named Frederick Bellefonte. He had high hopes for her in his future plans but has remained an anonymity in her life so far
  • She ran away from home and met a fellow werewolf named Max Wood. He was born with the gene and taught her everything there was to know. He looked after her, comforted her and became one of her closest friends
  • One full moon she and Max were just wandering around a small wooded area together - Bethany having been taught self-control during the full moon by him - when they heard the screams. Ignoring logic Bethany raced towards them and was horrified to find a pack of black-eyed wolves attacking a gathering of humans
  • It was here she managed to pull Margaret Lewis and Harry Lewis away from the blood-shed. They had been bitten of course and she wasn’t sure if they were going to make it but somehow they both managed to pull through and the next full moon both made the transition
  • With two new wolves under her care it was then that Max announced that Bethany was their Alpha - their leader and protector. Maggie and Harry were glad to have the family and they stuck together ever since
  • The last member to join Bethany’s pack was a lone wolf named Drake King who is more than a little difficult to say the least but Bethany has high hopes for him. She always keeps an eye out for news in Havensdale Valley and all this news of “animal attacks” have her worried. There was no other choice - she had to go back
Evelyn Prescott | 19 | Witch | FC: Sarah Bolger | OPEN


That girl is a God damn problem, she’s hell raising and she doesn’t need saving, ‘cause there’s no salvation for a bad girl.

You know there’s two options a girl can take when she gets kicked to the curb – her whole world utterly destroyed and her heart shattered – and those are either curl into a ball and hide from the world or get mad and fight back. Evelyn Prescott took the second option without a second of hesitation. Growing up she was always the ‘wild child’. The one who was always sneaking out to meet her boyfriend after midnight, coming come smelling of vodka or worse not coming home at all. Basically she was the one driving her big sister Eleanor Prescott insane. Of course she loves her big sister and ever since their parents died she’s been pretty much looking out for both of them like their parents would have. Ellie was just as heart broken but she managed to pull herself together long enough to take care of all the important adult stuff like bills and dinner and new school books – Ellie was only eighteen at the time. While Evie often felt guilty for making her sister worry she didn’t stop and she rarely apologised because hey, that’s just who she is. You can take it or leave it.

In school she was more inclined to hang around with Selena Blair or Elizabeth Anderson in order to borrow a spare cigarette – she was going through her ‘smoking is cool’ phase – behind the bleachers than to actually be out there on the field in one of those peppy little outfits learning some mindless new yell. While Evie didn’t often get on very well with other girls she got on with those two. They knew how to have fun and their morals were just as loose if not more so than hers. High school wasn’t all house parties and skipping class, in fact there was actually a boy, a very special boy actually if you must know. This boy was the first and the last person Evie let herself fall completely and whole heartedly in love with. They were going to get married you know, some day, in a little cathedral in Rome. He used to talk about it with her all the time and he was a really great guy, you know? Straight As, a shoe-in for a scholarship – he was really going to be somebody but most of all he was Evie’s somebody.

During the time she was with him she toned down enough to actually start to build back up that bond she had with her sister before she started acting out. Evie was happy but then her eighteenth birthday came around. She could never understand why Ellie seemed to dislike her boyfriend so much – why she tried so hard to keep Evie away from him but then she figured it out the hard way. Evelyn Prescott turned eighteen and the boy she was in love with – the boy who was in love with her – died. Suddenly and without warning he just…died. The doctor’s ruled it an accident of some sort but Evie just knew that was wrong. It felt wrong and that was when she found out the truth her sister had been keeping from her. When they were babies a curse was put on them by a warlock their dad had crossed paths with and obviously upset. The curse stated that when each girl turned eighteen any person who they were mutually in love with would die. That meant that ultimately neither sister would ever find love because their love – it carried a death sentence. Evelyn was eighteen. She dropped out of school, rejected her college offers, jumped on her motorcycle and left Havensdale and all its memories behind her.

Additional Information

  • Evelyn is a witch born to two witch parents. After learning about her curse and the fact that the boy she loved died because of her she thought extensively about giving up her humanity - the pain - and becoming a warlock
  • Most days she’s pretty sure the only reason she is still a witch is because she’s just too damn stubborn to give up that easily. The pain reminds her that she can still feel and that is important
  • After leaving Havensdale she traveled as far as she could with what she had. She had many a fling on her travels and that was all they were. Fancy, dangerous, rich, exotic - she’s tried them all
  • Her hatred for warlocks is something that has only quietly intensified over time and she physically can not stand to be around them. They make her want to break that one sacred witch rule about not killing
  • Back in Havensdale she used to baby-sit cutie Christian Cooper who always had a massive crush on her. She used to tell him that one day when he was old enough they were totally going to get married
  • She sent her sister post cards here and there just to let her know she was okay but she never planned on going back. At least not until she heard all these rumours about War. Call her curious or cautious or whatever you want but she just knew that now she had to go back whether she liked it or not

Radio Havensdale.

Hey guys, I’ll be queuing up two lovely bios for a werewolf Zooey Deschanel and a witch Sarah Bolger in a just tick and then I’ll be onto writing up the next batch of boys. If any of you have any FC suggestions {preferably male} we’d love if you dropped them by in the inbox, or if you have any other questions, requests or just want to say hey we shall be standing by.


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Annabeth Meyers | 20 [573 years old] | Vampire | FC: Arden Cho | 


I’ve got my ticket for the long way ‘round, two bottles of whiskey for the way and I sure would like some sweet company, I’m leaving tomorrow what do you say?

You want to know something no one ever really says out loud? It’s hard out here for a vampire. Honestly, it is. Have you ever stopped to consider how difficult it is to break the ‘blood-sucking monster’ stereotype? Or how annoying it is to deal with those who just can’t get it through their thick skulls that yeah, we’re really not all the same? Well, welcome to Annabeth Meyers’ life. You see as a human Annabeth was one of the kindest, most considerate and giving people you could have ever met. If you had to choose one person to represent humanity at its best then you would have chosen her. She lived a humble life and did all she could to help feed her family. They didn’t have much but what they had they had to share. She was brought up with a whole lot of love and learned to see the beauty in a world of injustice from a young age. If someone needed help then she was the first to volunteer and it would be this admirable quality that proved to be her downfall. You see the last person she ran over to in hopes of helping wasn’t exactly human.

The last thing she remembered was a dull pain in her neck and then the whole world had gone black. The vampire who turned her had no intentions of doing so but must have had a change of heart in the last minutes of Annabeth’s human life. Either way when she woke up she was alone, scared, confused and entirely healed of the neck wound and any previous scars she had possessed. Immediately she ran back to her family but was quick to realize that something had happened to her. Something that made her want to hurt those who she loved most. It was damn near enough a miracle that she didn’t tear her brother’s neck out when he hurt himself and started bleeding. Self-control for a newbie vampire alone is almost unheard of but Annabeth’s determination outweighed her bloodlust and so that night she fled from her family and although it broke her heart, she did it to keep them safe.

Life as a vampire in that first 100 years was very up and down. She almost took her own life once but she’d never seen that as an option in her human life so why start in her eternal life? Feeding from animals at first she went on to slowly teach herself how to control her intake of human blood. She learned how to feed without killing and with that she became stronger and more able to enjoy the benefits of being a vampire. Her need to help hadn’t gone away however and she still desperately wanted to be a part of the human world and so she began to integrate herself into it in anyway she could. It was during one of the many human wars she met a vampire- a soldier- named Jordan Rickman. She looked out for him a few times but lost touch when he left to join his oh-so mysterious friend. Branching out over the centuries, shaping herself into more of a warrior she came into close contact with the notorious Angelina Shields and even assisted her on a few missions although she could not condone her thirst for revenge. Annabeth has been a healer, a soldier, a warrior, a body guard… But above all she has been a protector of humankind and she doesn’t intend to stop now.

Additional Information

  • Annabeth stopped being a sweet peasant girl in 1461 when she was turned by an unknown vampire and shortly after fled her village so that she wouldn’t hurt anyone she loved
  • She has incredible self-control when it comes to blood and she has tried to never kill an innocent and for the most part of 573 years she has kept true to her intentions
  • Being a very old, very skilled and experienced vampire she would be considered nothing less than an incredible asset to this War on humans that everyone is suddenly buzzing about however Annabeth knows of Edward Carrington and not only does she not trust him she will not be fighting for him
  • On the contrary, she will be fighting against him. That’s right, Annabeth is on the side of humans and hunters alike who do not want to see this world cruelly ruled by the supernatural but hey, try getting a hunter to put down the stake long enough to hear you out- not easy.
  • Along with Angel she crossed paths with Clarissa Grayson and Bryce Barker a few times both together and apart. She hopes that if she ever saw them or anyone she could class as an ally again she would be able to convince them to join her
  • Coming to Havensdale Valley is a pretty big risk on her part especially because this town is crawling with hunters she is hoping to negotiate with. It won’t be easy but there is no way she is going to watch the world she loves burn

Mystic Falls. Home of the dashing and the deadly.

Sons and daughters of the founding families know how to dress, party, and incapacitate a vampire with nothing but a flute of champagne and a toothpick.

Those who aren’t born quite as lucky, namely the stick-in-the-mud scholarship kids, are witty, resourceful, and completely clueless when it comes to all the dark secrets charming little Mystic Falls harbors.

Two worlds. One town. Buckle up.


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Aaron Graham

Holly Monroe

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Up next will be a werewolf Zooey Deschanel, vampire Arden Cho and witch Sarah Bolger {who I can already hear one of our lovely players subtly shouting for someone to audition for}.

After that I’m going to write up the boys in Zooey’s pack!

FC suggestions are welcomed as always.

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