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Isaiah Jennings

Chuck Caulfield

Julia Saint-Clair

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Steven Beaumont | 18 | Senior at Havensdale High | Human | FC: 
Chord Overstreet | OPEN


❝We understand how dangerous a mask can be, we all become what we pretend to be.❞

Do you have any idea what Steven Beaumont has to live up to? It might not be some hot-shot lawyer or doctor but it is Ricky Beaumont: town legend. Is he a man or is he a myth Beaumont. The guy who once glued every door in Havensdale High shut. The guy who took the football team to consecutive victories. The guy who always knew what to say and when to say it. You see, the town might know how him as this crazy ne’er-do-well but to Steven he’s always just been Ricky, his big brother. Things between the two brothers are complicated. The first complicated thing being that Ricky has no idea that things are complicated. Steven loves his big brother and sure, when he was growing up he idolized him to no end. He jumped through every hoop, he absorbed every piece of advice no matter how little sense it made, he tried his best to carry on his brother’s legacy because at the time Steven really did want to be just like his big bro. In high school teacher’s would give him a wide berth knowing the trouble-maker reputation of his elder brother so it just seemed like the easy thing to do playing along with this assumed reputation. Steven pulled a few pranks, messed with a few Freshmen, flirted with a lot of girls and pretty much fell in line with the expectations people had of a Beaumont. Everyone always used to say ‘there’s a big party down at Ricky Beaumont’s place’, and they still do. Only now it’s Steven who’s the actual host— not that anybody seems to remember that.

On top of the partying and the dumb stunts, the ‘lady killer’ persona and the amount of time he spends on his hair in the morning Steven joined the football team. Now, don’t get us wrong he’s a good player but he’s not exactly a great player— at least he doesn’t think so. No matter how well Steven is doing there’s always going to be that little voice in the back of his head going ‘yeah but Ricky did it better’. Steven’s big brother is the one hurdle he’s never been able to overcome. He’s like this giant shadow that he just can’t seem to step out off. Steven’s been pretending to be a carbon copy of him for so long that he almost doesn’t know who he is anymore. Still, he can’t complain. He can’t complain, right? Because Ricky was really cool in high school and who doesn’t want to be cool in high school? Okay so here’s the other complicated part of the brother relationship: Ricky was cool in high school. But now he lives above their parents’ garage and bartends on the college campus. That isn’t the future that Steven wants. There aren’t enough high fives and fist bumps in the world that would make him want to end up like his brother only of course he can’t say anything. He can’t tell Ricky any of that because well, his brother is kind of proud of him for following in his footsteps and Steven is kind of a pushover, his number one soft spot being his brother. Their parents are gone a lot so he’s pretty much all he has. How do you tell the guy who practically raised you— albeit cluelessly— that you want to be like him, but a more successful him?

Maintaining a fake persona and the reputation that comes with it isn’t so hard after you’ve had as much practice as Steven so no one really noticed when he started doing the small things in order to secure a future free from the looming tag of ‘Ricky Beaumont’s brother’. First of all he started to talk to student body president and tutor Isaac Rhodes and the two actually became pretty fast friends. Isaac helped bump his grades up and didn’t question Steven if he ever spontaneously started acting like a jerk when a group of his friends came by. On top of that he’s applied for colleges as far away from Havensdale— as far away from Ricky— as possible. Steven doesn’t care how he does it but he knows he needs to get out of this town and find out who he is on his own. Of course he’s still in high school and he’s still in Havensdale so he’s still Ricky Beaumont’s brother. One of his favourite people to hang around with at yet another rager he’s been coerced into throwing is Logan Durante. He actually makes the whole ordeal pretty fun, plus he makes an excellent wing man as does his not-girlfriend Jessica Harvelleso sometimes it isn’t all that bad. He does like fun, he knows how to have it but there really is such a thing as too much fun but try telling that to a team of rowdy footballers trying to figure out how they’re supposed to get that keg of beer open. Steven is pretty sure that he can keep it together until graduation but how long can a person realistically hold all this indecision and identity crisis in because we’re banking on the very high possibility of spontaneous combustion. Everyone bring your marshmallows.

Additional Information

  • Steven is human. Always has been and while he doesn’t really like to think about it he has notices a few uh, strange things happening in Havensdale lately. New faces, shady behaviour, people he’s known all his life suddenly acting different… Must be something in the water, or something
  • Most people just take Steven at face value. He acts like the class clown, the big player, your typical jock and people tend to believe it and he’s grateful for that. Okay so maybe sometimes it starts to get to him but you have to do what you have to do
  • As much as he tries to flirt with anyone and everyone, he’s never actually really had any real feelings for someone before. Well, there was Meghan Morrison who he may have a tiny crush on in Freshmen year but then she disappeared for like a year, and then came back… different
  • Actually just when he was kind of hanging out with Claire Knighton because of some town event or whatever, she disappeared for two years and then came back. Different. If he wanted to see a pattern he’d probably have to have a sit down with himself and re-asses his life choices
  • In general he gets on really well with his football bros and he respects the Bro Code 110%— Ricky would probably disown him if he didn’t and sure Steven didn’t make Captain but that’s okay. He hopes anyway. Fine, fine maybe there’s some jealously and disappointment but it wouldn’t be very ‘bro-y’ of him to say so
  • All he needs to do is make to graduation. That’s what he keeps telling himself and also to quit worrying. About school, college, the next game, Ricky… Mostly Ricky. Sometimes he feels like he’s actually the big brother in the family, especially when he has to come and pick up said brother from work because he stayed late and got smashed, again
Patrick Beaumont | 24 | Human | Barman at Havensdale College | 
FC: Chris Evans | OPEN


❝And if it’s my world that you fear, let me make this very clear, well I’m feelin’ fine, I’m right on time, I know I’ll get my way.❞

Ricky— always Ricky, never Patrick— Beaumont is like, teen royalty. At least he was back when he was actually a teenager although if you ask his mother she will in fact confirm he still has the mentality of one. You see Ricky was that guy. He was the ‘that guy’ of his generation and people are still talking about all the dumb but sort of impressive stunts he pulled way back when. Every party that was worth being at was down at Ricky Beaumont’s place. His parents were out off town a lot, they’re still out off town a lot only now it’s not Ricky who has the whole football team and cheer squad in the backyard gathered around a keg of beer, it’s his baby brother Steven Beaumont. Steven was everything he could have ever hoped for in a little brother which is good because initially he hadn’t been too pleased when he was six and his mom was telling him that a ‘new addition’ was coming to the family. Ricky thought they were getting a puppy. Still, Steven is a cool guy. Plus he had someone to torture growing up and then when the time was right, someone to pass on the knowledge to— the sacred knowledge on how to be ‘that guy’. The first lesson was intense because it was about the Bro Code, a code that Ricky has sworn by his whole life. In fact it’s not surprising if you see some poor guy down on his luck coming to Ricky for advice. He’s sort of a self-professed guru.

Dynamic duo Ryan Mitchelland Danny McReid have come to Ricky before with their hearts in shatters both before and after winning their previous lady friends’ hearts. Ricky’s methods of teaching often involve cold bottles of beer and a song he just made up on his guitar. All the guys on the high school football team know him as a former Captain and anyone and everyone who will listen also know him as a former prom king. Either way, pretty much everyone knows Ricky. He’s a real charmer which is probably why he hasn’t paid for a cup of coffee himself since he was sixteen. One of his favourite Lyndsy’s Café employees is Charlotte Lawrence— girl makes good coffee and that pretty much makes her eligible for president in Ricky’s books. He is a great lover of the people, especially the attractive ones and yeah, his good looks are ruining people’s lives. Plus girls keep stealing his shirts and he can barely afford to buy new ones. His job as a barman at the place on campus at Havensdale College is mostly tips and he’s had to do some questionable and creative things to make rent but it’s okay because he’s tight with his landlords— his parents. It happened like this: one minute Ricky was seventeen and clueless as to what he was going to do next and then he was twenty four and living in the apartment above his parents’ garage holding onto his glory days like they would never, ever pass him. He’s still cool, right? He’s still cool. Okay so maybe sometimes it hits him. The big R: regret. Sometimes the self doubt creeps in.

Sometimes he looks around at all the college kids he serves at the bar or even the high schoolers at his brother’s party and he feels a funny sort of twinge. But then he remembers that he’s Ricky Beaumont and he’s awesome. Just like that he’s straight back to being the happy-go-lucky guy everyone knows and loves. He’s always been like that. Nothing is ever wrong with Ricky and he never wants to talk about his problems because he totally doesn’t have any problems. A master at changing the subject and avoiding the dangerous territory of ‘emotions’ he has successfully managed to keep himself shielded from ever getting hurt by anybody. In fact, he’s never actually been broke up with before. He’s pretty much always the first to run and even though he really would like to have that thing that people are always talking about— that love thing— he just can’t get himself past the three month mark. You know the second he’s asked ‘so where is this going’ it’s over. There is a Ricky shaped hole in the door and he is gone like a freight train. Maybe it’s not the best way to live but it’s a good way to not get hurt. Love messes people up. People they lie and they cheat and they take the thing that they know you hate most about yourself— the thing you trusted them with— and they use it against you. So sure, he’s always there to dish out a proverb about love, life, the universe and everything but you know the saying: do as I say and not as I do.

Additional Information

  • Ricky has seen some weird stuff in his time in Havensdale but alas none of those things were supernatural so he remains an oblivious human. It’d be pretty cool though, right? Vampires, werewolves… They’re probably way hotter than regular people
  • Party Marty AKA Martin Lyons had to be one of the craziest guys Ricky ever had around at one of his blowouts and let’s put it this way: Ricky works in a bar. Marty plus alcohol equals Party Marty. Therefore Ricky has seen some stuff, stuff Marty probably didn’t want him to take photos of but oh well
  • If there was one guy in the whole of Havensdale— and keep in mind Ricky is and was a major people person— that he would do anything for it’s best bro man Isaiah Jennings. They were a real dynamic duo back in high school and they’re still best friends, they are. It’s just that Isaiah went to college in New York, then he has the business and sometimes it’s hard for them to get their wires crossed again
  • He does however see Isaiah’s somewhat other-half more often given that Julia Saint-Clair's office space is in Havensdale. Isaiah never strictly said she was “off-limits” but he knows a bro code violation when he sees one and besides, he actually respects and healthily fears Jules way too much to hit on her seriously
  • On top of bar-tending Ricky tries to find work wherever he can to pick up a few extra bucks. He can often be found moving furniture or crates or mannequins for whoever asks nicely enough. He especially enjoys when the hot Havensdale moms request his assistance— the single ones, of course
  • The big question really is what is he going to do next? What is Ricky Beaumont going to do. What can he do might be a better question and is he ever actually going to get serious and think about these things? But hey, don’t get too down. There’s always a party going on at Ricky Beaumont’s place

Let’s forget about Camelot.

Let’s stop fighting for some bright idealized world devoid of all the imperfections that make life worth living. Our streets our grimy because we’ve breathed and loved and lived in them. Our voices are too loud because our words are too important to touch the minds of one or two. Our blood is filthy, our blood is muddy, our blood is dirty because we are a community bursting with life and variety and beauty.

If our streets are clean and our voices are quiet and our blood is pure, where is the proof we’ve lived at all?

The tension between muggle borns and purebloods has never been higher, and Albus Dumbledore has started to sweat.

The students are slowly, torturously being stripped of their freedom rule by brand new rule in a futile effort to ensure their safety and the more closed in they feel, the more restless they get. While the war outside grows deadlier by the second, one of a smaller scale begins to brew in the castle. There are two sides, and you may be a victim whether you pick one or not.

Those who side with the Dark Lord are anxious to contribute to their cause. Brutal and unapologetic, they torment anyone in the castle who dares to speak against him. They are quiet (sneaking boggarts into student’s trunks), meticulous (leaving threatening notes between the folds of their school clothes), and they don’t get caught (the threat of their parents backlash, most of which have taken the mark, loom above the headmaster’s head like a dark cloud).

Those who side against him call themselves The Order. For a year they stood by and endured the petty hexes and the vulgar teasing with the hope it would all blow over. They’re no longer interested in submission. They are brash (red spray paint along the walls of the dungeon), impulsive (attacking students in the open at the slightest provocation), and fiercely loyal (they will defend you, even if you haven’t spoken at all in the past seven years).

Nothing is just black and white anymore. Ideas of what is good and bad will be tested. Moral compasses broken. Innocents injured, by fault of either side. Nothing is pure and nothing is perfect and nothing is clean, so let’s FORGET ABOUT CAMELOT.

Isaiah Jennings | 24 | Co-Owner of “Without A Hitch” | Human | 
FC: Matt Bomer | TAKEN 


❝Drunken monologues, confused because, it’s not like I’m falling in love I just want you to do me no good, you look like you could.❞

Isaiah Jennings– the last name itself paints a picture of good breeding, good hair and very tight Calvin Klein suits tailored to fit exactly by Calvin himself. Unfortunately Isaiah doesn’t match up to that picture. Sure he looks great in those super tight suits but the last one he was forced into, he ended up accidentally dropping half a bottle of scotch onto it [oops] and that was the end of that. You see Isaiah has always been one to force his way out off the crowd and onto the podium that said crowd are gathered around. He’s a people pleaser, an attention seeker and you best believe that he will do absolutely anything just for the Hell of it. In fact 95% of his actions are down for that very reasoning. Coming from both old money and a Founding Family Isaiah has been coddled all through his life, never getting into any real trouble, never having to apologise and never having a cause to believe that he should or would ever grow up. Live while you’re young and all that, right? Isaiah lived for pulling dumb stunts with high school best bro Ricky Beaumont and you better believe that they were the ones who were responsible for flooding the gym that one year. You see while Isaiah enjoys the spotlight, he’s also content with being a right-hand man– the donkey to your Shrek if you will, and that is what he was to Ricky. The dynamic duo got into more trouble than you could even begin to fathom. Subconsciously Isaiah may have been trying to see how far he could realistically push him [knock knock. Who’s there? Daddy issues] before he snapped but consciously it was all for the fun, baby. You can live to be 100 years old and never actually live a single day, y’know?

Of course Isaiah couldn’t get away with half the things he does if he wasn’t a genuinely nice guy, which he is. Sure he can come off as cocky or a show-off but he’d bend over backwards if you asked him nicely and he’d never say no to someone in need. The thing is Isaiah cares. He really and truly does. He cares probably way too much, he cares to the point where he can’t actually express that he cares and instead makes dumb jokes and avoids any and all in-depth discussions unless, naturally, he’s drunk. When it came to girls [guys, fictional characters, plants] Isaiah had so much love to give, so much. There wasn’t anyone he wouldn’t hit on and almost anyone he wouldn’t hook up with. He’s never had a steady relationship with a girl in his whole life, except from Julia Saint-Clair. Now we’re getting to the good part because here’s the thing: Jules is the good part. The good part of Isaiah, the best part of his life and without her he’d be completely lost. Both coming from Founding Families they attended many a snooze fest as kids and on into their teens and it was at the kid’s table that he first met her. He couldn’t concentrate on what was actually going on and instead opted to tug on her pigtails until she eventually tore around and looked at him with Hell fire in her eyes until he handed her a cupcake and shot her his legendary grin that could melt even the hardest of hearts. Ever since then the two were inseparable. He doesn’t have to try around Jules. He can be himself, he can be the person he wants to be, he can fall apart around her– she is the only person who he doesn’t have to keep a smile on around.

It was Jules and Isaiah against the world. Even when they left for college– Isaiah at NYU per his father’s insistence and her at Columbia– they still met up every weekend. The closer graduation dawned the more scared [yup, scared] Isaiah was becoming over the prospect of becoming his father. Of course leaving college meant that he had to grow up. The fun and games and childish idiocy had to come to an end. He’d have to climb into the Calvin Klein suits and yell at guys named Jerry for the rest of his life. Then it happened: his saving grace. He and Jules were just hanging out, listening to old records and drinking wine when the idea suddenly hit them like a train on a track. They could go into business together, no no hear him out. They could go into business together because they like each other, they’re best friends and they’re both really good at parties– no one knows how to party like a Jennings boy, believe us– and Jules was good with the organizing, they both had a bunch of rich contacts and this way there was no chance at all of him becoming Mr. Jennings Sir 2.0. Maybe it was crazy– okay, a lot crazy but next thing they both knew they had launched their event planning company “Without a Hitch” [Jules came up with the name] and business was booming. Julia made sure their finances went to good use and Isaiah traveled all around gathering inspiration and clientele and just like that they had themselves this real and successful company together. Of course Isaiah’s father doesn’t approve still and of course he’s waiting for the day he wakes up and joins the real adult world and takes up his responsibilities as a Jennings man and blah blah blah. Whatever. Don’t worry be happy, right?

Additional Information

  • Isaiah is very much human. In fact if there were to be photo-shoot spread in Supernatural Weekly on “humans” he would most definitely be in it. He’s clueless at the best of times so noticing anything “weird” about Havensdale isn’t exactly top of his priority list
  • Everyone who is anyone knows the Jennings name. They know his dad and they know his brother and they know that they are respectable, successful, hard-working, driven and the mind-numbing list goes ever on. Thus far Isaiah has managed to escape their influence
  • Call it spite but he tries very hard to come across like he doesn’t try at all. He’s smart. He’s really smart, especially when it comes to people and he could charm the dollars out off anyone’s wallet. Plus with Julia with him during high school he could study where no one would rat on him and bring down his totally cool rep
  • He used to crash Jules’ babysitting sessions with the Montgomerys. He always hoped to corrupt young Benjamin Montgomery into a protegé but he took way too much after Julia for that to happen. He also used to wink at Ava and tell Elena that if she ever didn’t have a man on her arm he was available
  • Flirting is second nature to Isaiah. He thinks of it more as being friendly and hey, what’s a little healthy flirting between friends? One girl he always made time to flirt with in high school was Ellie Prescott but… nothing. Not even a pity date. He had himself doubting his charm for like, a whole day or two way back when
  • His and Julia’s main office building is situated in Havensdale. They both love the town— Julia more than him— and despite the fact that he spends a lot of time living out of motel rooms and Chinese takeaway cartons, he always comes back to Havensdale. And Julia
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Founding Families Updated.

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George Weston's FC has been changed to Henry Cavill.

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