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Duke Callaghan

Daniel Moore

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Daniel Moore | 38 | Businessman/Coffee Chain Co-Owner | Human 
| FC: Nathan Fillion | TAKEN


❝Nothing goes as planned, everything will break, people say goodbye, in their own special way.❞

Daniel Moore was always the goofy brother. He was the one stealing the rival team’s mascot, booby-trapping Coach’s whole office, dragging the keg in through the back thinking his parent’s were never going to find out about that rager of a party he was throwing after the game while they were out of town. Logic could be completely lost on him sometimes but still, he got things done. He was everyone’s go-to guy and quick to think up solutions especially when it came to saving a potential party from being cancelled. Andrew Moore was his big brother by two years and typically, he was the so-called responsible one. Whatever though, the dude was boring in that no-you-can’t-possible-eat-thirty-hot-dogs-in-a-row-Dan way but he still loved him. Growing up Daniel only really cared about a select few things: his family, his friends, football, coffee and her. Her namely being Karen McReid – and yes angels did just start singing. Daniel and Karen grew up together. He pushed her in the sandpit, she stole his crayons, he pulled her pigtails, she punched him the face and so went the cycle. Karen was one of those sensible types too only not really because he’d seen her at post-game parties and she didn’t look all that boring and studious to him. Of course she refused to give him the time of day when he finally realised in Freshman year that she was The One. That didn’t stop him though. He was adamant he could prove her wrong, whatever it was she wanted, he was going to be it.

Naturally it turned out that the only thing she wanted him to be was himself. His stupid, dorky, pain-in-the-ass self because that is the person who she liked. Then that was the person she loved. Karen brought out the best sides of him. She challenged him and encouraged him and yeah they bickered but there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t have done for her. Karen was his lobster. Don’t get him wrong though it was never exactly easy when it came to her and her bonkers family. There were always these weird, vague ‘family emergencies’ and he could have sworn one time he saw like, a crossbow or something lying out at her house. That was the only thing that bothered him – she lied to him. He could tell she didn’t want to and that’s why he kept his mouth shut, because surely she had a good reason and he loved her so he would wait for her. Only, you can’t wait forever. It’s just not possible. When Karen’s mom died she became her little sister Krystal McReid's sole guardian. Things were hard and he tried to be there for her but it was like she was already starting to shut him out. Prom happened and he gave her a ring – no not an engagement ring, but a promise ring. A promise he wanted to keep but you know how those old good intentions usually go. Graduation came and went and Daniel made his plea. He gave her his ultimatum. He wanted to be with her, forever. He wanted her to leave Havensdale and come with him – be with him.

She could bring Krystal. She could wait until Krystal had graduated, all she had to do was say yes. He’d forget the lies she told, the excuses she made… All she had to do was was say yes. Needless to say that Karen didn’t say yes and Daniel left heartbroken but convinced he was doing the right thing. How could he have known he’d just left his pregnant girlfriend when she didn’t even that she was pregnant? Life went on. Daniel went to college, studied business, became one of the top dogs in his field and ended up with more money than he knew what to do with which totally justifies and explains all the totally cool memorabilia he owns. Daniel put Karen out off his head. He dated – he dated a lot. He still does, the super hot supermodel kind of dates too. Being the lifelong bachelor playboy was quite alright with him and he never gave Havensdale a second thought. In fact he planned on never going back. But then five years ago the worst happened. Andrew was a fireman and there was a fire. There had been a billion fires before that but this one was different – he didn’t come back from this one. Daniel was crushed, as were his sister-in-law and baby niece Jenny Moore. Daniel could never be Andrew but he tried to do better. He invited Lyndsy and Jenny over at more than just the holidays and when Lyndsy got engaged last year he was supportive. Supportive enough to be one of the best men which is exactly why he’s back in Havensdale now. Duty called.

Additional Information

  • Daniel is human. Daniel is as human as it gets and if he had a clue about the supernatural it probably would have helped. A lot. Karen was and is a hunter. She had to stay in Havensdale, she had to lie, she had to protect him because she knew all about what bump in the night and he didn’t. He still wishes she had let him in. He still wishes she’d said yes. Not that he thinks about her or anything
  • He definitely doesn’t think about his son Danny McReid but that’s only because he has zero idea that he even has a son. Karen found out she was pregnant after he left and never called or wrote or sent him a pigeon mail saying ‘oh hey, BTW you’re a father’
  • He does however know that he’s an uncle and he loves Jenny like a daughter. She reminds him of his brother sometimes. He just wants to make sure nothing bad ever happens to her especially if that bad thing is in the shape of some motorcycle riding menace to society
  • There were a couple of times he thought about seeing Karen again. The first was when he heard about Krystal dying in that awful car accident. He wanted to reach out to her then but he just couldn’t. He was scared. The second was at his brother’s funeral. He saw her then but only for a second, then she was gone
  • On top of being a successful business man, Daniel has put his investments in a number of small works. Including a chain of coffee shops, in fact he’s the one who makes sure Lyndsy’s Café gets the best shipments in. He’s met a number of people when selling his products including both Stella Bell and Brooke Bell who were his best customers come Fashion Week — designers love their coffee
  • Why is he back in Havensdale now? Well, as before-mentioned, duty called. Lyndsy called him up and told him that the wedding was getting moved to this month instead of June and he immediately packed up his stuff and headed back over here to be with his family— because family is the most important thing, right?
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Duke Callaghan | 33 | Dental Surgeon| Human | FC: Colin 
O'Donoghue | TAKEN


❝Nothing grows on but time still goes on, and through each life of misery everybody’s got a hold on hope — it’s the last thing that’s holding me.❞

Duke Callaghan grew up with the shiniest of silver spoons in his mouth, the flashiest of baby booties on his feet and all the other babies were jealous of his diamond encrusted pushchair. Needless to say, he grew up into a wealthy family who threw lavish parties in which to entertain other wealthy families. Socialites. They’re not too hard to be around once you figure out the game. By the time Duke was fifteen he knew exactly how to work a crowd. He knew what to say and when to say it, and he always remembers names. Growing up he was close with his mom meaning that he knew all the dirty little secrets of the elite inner circle. You’d think old people would have better things to do than steal each other’s husbands and rob their clientele but apparently not. Duke always had an ambitious streak but on top of that he learned how to be vicious, sneaky and manipulative – all skills you need to have in order to make it in this flossy-flossy world. Duke was going to go far in this life, you know? He wanted to make his parents proud and while most kids would maybe rebel a little, he never did. Yeah they were controlling and had a very specific plan for him but you know what? He liked the plan. The plan was good.

By sixteen he had met the girl of his dreams. Sure it took some time because for starters he is awfully charming and easy on the eyes so it’s not like there weren’t distractions in his life but he knew – she was the one. Duke was never one to mess around when it came to girls. His mother had raised him to be a gentleman after all however that charm can be easily mistaken for flirty and doesn’t he just know it. Duke has a good heart and he doesn’t back down when he knows what he wants. He was pretty much the most eligible of young, wealthy bachelors there were. The boy did have his faults though. The number one being his ego. Duke loves himself – Duke loves himself a lot. Cocky and arrogant you’d think that it’d put people off him but then that old charm kicks in and he always manages to save his own ass. Anyway by the time he was eighteen he and The One were officially together. Everything was perfect and going exactly to plan. Except then it wasn’t. She was pregnant, and terrified. Duke told his parents and his father all but shoved the engagement ring into his hand and told him to go and do the honourable thing. Being a husband at eighteen was never part of the plan. Sure, he wanted to get married but some day, you know?

Some day when they had a house and a car and a mortgage for God’s sake. Still, he did love her. He loved her and he wanted to be a good man – a good family man. Words were exchanged, arguments were had, arms flailed but in the end the two were set to wed. The ceremony was rushed so no one found out she was pregnant before the marriage – the shock and scandal, we know. Afterwards things started to work themselves back out. Duke graduated, became a dental surgeon just like he was always going to be and was a pretty damn great family man. He really took to the whole dad thing. Of course he spoiled his son and daughter shamelessly because hey, he has money okay? He’s always been pretty bad with his spending. Duke’s one of those ‘I want it, I’ll have it’ people. Plus he likes to use money as a means to make people like him because people like things, right? And Duke likes when people like him. He almost needs people to like him. So that was it – his perfect fairytale life. Only then it wasn’t. He doesn’t like to think about, actually he hates to think about it and remember it because there’s nothing he’d like more than to forget it but everything came crashing down around him. Everything came crashing down and he’s still trying to make his way through the debris.

Additional Information

  • Duke is human. Plain and simple and his knowledge of the supernatural pretty much stops after Ghostbusters. His family are well known within those fancy shmancy social circles. That was how he met his former wife. She was a Vanderbilt and aunt to one Louis Vanderbilt
  • On top of the Vanderbilts his family are also friendly with the Montgomerys. They are always invited to each other’s parties and charity whatevers. Duke hasn’t met the whole family but he knows how to treat one if and when he does
  • Okay so let’s talk about The Thing. He loved her— his wife. He really loved her and he really didn’t know. She was cheating on him and when she was caught she asked for a divorce and a divorce she got
  • Duke didn’t want to drag his fifteen year old son and ten year old daughter through a massive legal battle so he settled with her conditions of only having them at the weekends. Duke moved out. She got the house, the car, the dog… His heart
  • Moving to Havensdale Valley was to prove a point to his father. You see the Callaghans own a number of dental practices but one of their smaller ones is in Havensdale. Duke wanted to take over one of the bigger, city located ones but again, he has to ‘prove himself’
  • Havensdale isn’t so bad. He became fast friends with fellow parent Brooke Bell and as far as that old charm of his goes, he doesn’t mind using it on the ladies of Havensdale. Eleanor Prescott is a regular receiver of it but it’s all in good fun. It would have to take someone extraordinary to ever make him want to make a fool of himself ever again
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Lua Harvelle

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Lua Harvelle | 22 | Human | FC: Rose Leslie | TAKEN


❝Never win first place, I don’t support the team, I can’t take direction, and my socks are never clean.❞

People tend to forget that Jessica Harvelle has a big sister. There are very specific and understandable reasons for this though which can essentially be summed up with the fact that Lua Harvelle lives in the woods amongst the trees, deer and veggie-loving vampires. We’ll get back to that whole thing in a minute though. You see Charles Harvelle has always been somewhat promiscuous and while he was with his darling wife and Jessica’s mother, he was also with Lua’s mother. You see Victoria Harvelle was all kinds of sophisticated – the sort of woman you could take to the company’s Christmas party and well, Lua’s mom was not so you can work out for yourself why things didn’t work out and Charles left daughter number one and secret affair number who-even-knows when daughter number two was born. Lua grew up in a super liberal household with a mom who encouraged her to be whatever she wanted to be and never to take crap from anybody which Lua didn’t. Sure she might have only been ten years old but that didn’t stop her from getting into scraps with the older boys and totally kicking their asses. She’s always been stubborn, even then. No one was going to tell her how to live her life – no one. Then something happened, something she doesn’t like to talk about and she was pulled out off her home and life and thrown into her own personal Hell.

What was this Hell called? Havensdale Valley. That’s right, Lua was sent to live with daddy dearest and his other family. Lua hated it and she wasn’t quiet about it either. She acted out, got into trouble – pretty much did whatever she could to make her so-called dad’s life a misery. His wife wouldn’t have noticed her if she was on fire either so why did she stick around besides the fact that she probably wouldn’t have gotten far on her own at that age? Jessica. Okay so there was four years between them and Jess was this really annoying kid but there was just something about her that made Lua want to stay. She wanted to protect her. That in itself was a revelation and just enough to make her start going to school. She got to watch Jess grow up and while they don’t exactly have the same favourite past times or burning love for shoe shopping they did have one thing in common – they loved each other. They were family and honestly Lua was probably the most stable and loving person Jess had which is saying something. Sticking to her rebellious nature Lua wasn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with in high school. That didn’t stop Dylan McCreery though and through sheer perseverance he managed to make some sort of impression on her and the two became friends. Really good friends. He actually asked her to come away travelling with him after senior year but Lua had other ideas. Remember the thing we were going to get back to in a minute?

Well here it is. After graduating high school Lua’s dad was sick and tired of her antics and finally put his foot down. She had to start acting like a respectable young woman, go to college to study Law or Medicine and achieve something. Of course that was the last straw for Lua. Who the hell was he to tell her what to do with her life? So she took off. Not out off Havensdale or anything, just to the woods. It was there she decided she was going to stay until she’d gotten her point across. Until her father could finally pull the stick out his ass and understand her. Or at least try… You know, being a dad. Whatever either way Lua lives in the wood and she’s damn good at it too. Seriously his girl could give Bear Grylls a run for his money. Her instincts are sharp and she’s nothing if not a survivor and while she can go out into civilization she’d really just rather not. Admittedly the rough living hasn’t done wonders for her people skills and if she was blunt before she is just scathing now. Girl doesn’t really do small talk, you know? Now Lua had planned on staying with her bow, arrows and home-cooked meals for a lengthy amount of time more however something happened recently. Jess came to see her. That wasn’t the weird part. The weird part was that she hugged her, and told her she loved her but not in the normal Jess way. In the ‘I’m leaving but I can’t say goodbye’ way. Needless to say, Lua thinks maybe she can risk a trip or two out off the woods for Jess’ clear loss of sanity.

Additional Information

  • Lua is human. She’s human but that doesn’t mean she’s clueless. This town is weird. Everybody knows this town is weird but not everyone has witnessed Corey the Friendly Vampire snack on some deer using the old fangs, you know? So yeah. Lua kinda knows something is up
  • Living in the woods means that she’s seen some stuff as beforementioned. Vampires, big ass wolves, hunters training… Only she hasn’t said anything. She hasn’t freaked out. She really doesn’t care. She just wants to get on with her day and protest
  • Lua’s sort of a ghost-like legend. Sure people remember her but it’s a small town. Rumours have surfaced and flown around like hot cakes. What really happened to Lua Harvelle? Was she eaten by a bear? Did she kill a bunch of people and go on the LAMB? Who knows…
  • Growing up she always liked Jess’ friend Ruby McReid which is saying something because she tries really hard to not like any of the people here— again out of protest. Still, Ruby was one of the reasons Lua felt comfortable leaving Jess so to speak
  • Logan Durante on the other hand she never liked. She didn’t particularly care for his brother Lucas Durante in high school either. Really the whole family are just idiots and should steer clear of her baby sister if they don’t want an arrow to the ass
  • Okay so the Jess Thing. She doesn’t know what’s going on. She doesn’t know Jess is a vampire. She knows she hangs around Corey though which doesn’t feel like a good thing. She just hopes that whatever’s wrong, whatever’s going on it can be fixed because it’s not like their so-called dad is going to notice, or care
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Engel | 1000+ | Warlock | FC: Michael Fassbender | TAKEN


❝A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is War.❞

Everything has to have a beginning – an origin if you will and the supernatural species in this world are no different. The First Coven is even more legendary than the tales of the Ancient vampires or Original werewolves. The First Coven were the beginning of magic. They were the ones that awoke the power that had been contained in nature, contained in the potential witches of the world and let it be free. When Engel turned eighteen he went from a simple yet innately inspiring and intelligent young German man to something so much more – to someone so much more. It was on that day that the power inside of him was awoken. There are no words for the feeling that erupted inside of him. He could feel everything. The earth, everything was connected in nature and balance. Even in that very first moment, even before it he had a lust for power. For control. To do better than his best. While it took some time, he knew where he needed to be. You see not only was he connected to magic’s very essence, he was connected to his fellow witches and there was something deep inside of him he knew he had to listen to – to follow and so he followed. That was how he was united with Arianna Larke and Willow Evermore. All three were both clueless and yet filled with more knowledge than they ever had been before in their whole lives. The moment they met they just knew that they were supposed to be together. Their powers were connected – they were connected. What’s more than that is that they were a family.

Like most families they had their differences. While they were rightfully responsible for the young witches they were connected to who were just discovering their magic, they were also just discovering their magic. Life truly was a ‘learn by doing’ fiasco back then. Engel hated not knowing, not being able to control the power within him but that’s why he had them. Willow was always the maternal one. The who took care of everyone and everything. The woman just couldn’t stop herself and while it could become irksome it was only a reason to love her then. Willow was kind and she was soft and more than anything she just wanted to teach and protect whoever she could. Naturally his relationships with Willow and Arianna were different. Arianna was a mystery to him. She was fierce and logical and yet he had seen sides of her that were soft and vulnerable. When he began to suggest they expand their power she wasn’t as opposed as Willow was. Perhaps that’s why he thought that Arianna would have joined him. You see they were all witches once. Controlled and caged by nature. Limited. It had always bothered Engel but not enough to leave his family. Then the humans started to get involved. The pain, the fear… It was too much for him. His kind were dying at the hands of ants. Insignificant ants. It was not easy but Engel managed to do it. He tapped into the darkest and most powerful parts of himself, took his thirst for justice and vengeance and pushed the light away. He destroyed the limitations. He became the first. The first ever Warlock.

Willow was distraught. She begged and she pleaded but there was no room for emotion in Engel. There was only power. Even after he slaughter hundreds, Willow still wanted to help him but her tears meant nothing. Arianna told him to go to Hell – neither wanted to join him then. So he left. He was limitless and what’s more is that he had a duty to let the rest of the witches know that they could be so much more too. Of course it came with a price but what price is letting go off hurt and pain and fear? Centuries past with the three going their own way. Engel tried to find them again but they had cloaked their powers and without the connection they had once shared when he was a witch they were just shadows and memories to him. Still, life had to go on. When he was still a witch he witnessed the First and albeit pathetic War between the werewolves and the vampires unfold and end. He paid close attention to two in particular: Edward Carrington and Frederick Bellefonte. Engel has a very good sense of people – their fears, desires, strength. These two had strength and the bet he made was correct because despite it being years and years later, the talk began again. A new War. It was Edward who Engel first approached and it was Engel who told him to find Frederick, set aside petty, animalistic differences and join forces like the civilized gentlemen they were. That was the first step. Everything else all but fell into place after that and while there is still much work to be done, Engel would like to return to Havensdale to continue these preparations. Power uncloaked.

Additional Information

  • Engel was one third of the First Coven. They are a thing of legend. They’re mythic. While their story is somewhat known throughout the magical community no one has ever been able to find proof before due to the Coven’s ability to cloak their power
  • He hasn’t seen Arianna in a very, very long time. The last time he saw Willow was solemn as she essentially told him that she couldn’t save him if he didn’t want to be saved but that they would always be a family. It disappoints him they can’t see that his path is the right one
  • In terms of the New War he has been a silent partner up until this point. He made fast friends with Edward and Frederick, along with another Original werewolf Graham Lambert. So far they have been the ones doing the leg work but now, as they say, he’s ready to get his hands dirty
  • Engel is a very charming man when he wants to be. Talking he’s good at but action is more his thing. He can have very little patience and quite the temper when he is crossed which can be exampled by the Prescotts. They defied him and so he cursed their children Eleanor Prescott and Evelyn Prescott as punishment
  • He knows that there will be casualties in order to achieve a world where no human will ever hurt his kind again— or any supernatural creature for that matter. He rues the day he ever stood on Havensdale’s soil all those years ago and gave the humans a means to protect themselves
  • What Engel wants to do more than anything is to guide those lost little witches afraid and unsure of their power. He wants them to be at their best— achieve their full potential. There is after all nothing more disappointing than wasted potential

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Annelise Jacobsson

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