If you like, you can have your hunters return to their former, older and current selves now. Only if you want to though. You can continue to RP with your baby!hunters for as long as you need to. The spell was essentially designed to break at different points so no pressure~

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Anonymous asked: are you currently writing any new bios?


Yes! Yes, I am. Right now we have an Austin Butler shifter, Luke Mitchell vampire and James McAvoy original werewolf in the drafts. I’m currently working on a Chris Evans human, original witch Lupita Nyong’o and witch Donald Glover.

Other upcoming FCs I also plan to churn out bios for are:

  • Idris Elba
  • Gina Torres
  • Jamie Chung
  • Chord Overstreet
  • Osric Chau
  • Natalie Portman
  • Nathan Jarrett Stuart
  • etc…

As always we’d love to hear your FC/species/general character requests. Currently our ever lovely mod Kayleigh is on hiatus and she is the one who deals with all the fabulous graphics your eyes have probably already seen so it’ll be a wait for some of these bios but fret not, they are coming.


Derek Campbell | 22 | College Student | Human | FC: Michael B 
Jordan | OPEN


❝Would you let me see beneath your beautiful? Would you let me see beneath your perfect? Take it off now girl, I want to see inside.❞

You know how you always get that one guy in high school who everybody just seems to like? Honestly, doesn’t matter if they hate the world or are the cheeriest of cheerleaders – people in general just seem to gravitate towards them? Yeah well, welcome to the world of Derek Campbell. There’s isn’t anyone in this town who has a bad word to say about the guy who used to deliver their papers in the morning and help old ladies across the street. He was a real gentleman type because you know how ladies just love those. He’s always been a bit of a hopeless romantic and by that we mean he hopelessly falls in love from one girl to the next. It’s not his fault, he just has a habit of believing every one is The One until the next one comes along. A vicious cycle is what it is really but hey, he just loves love. Derek likes to go out of his way to make everyone he meets leave his company feeling that little bit more optimistic about their day. There’s almost always a smile on his face, a joke up his sleeve and you best believe he has every compliment and smooth chat up line from his last Google search memorized down to the last implied wink.

Now Derek has never been one to back away from the challenge of making someone else smile and ever since middle school he’s been trying to do just that with best friend Erica Evans. When he first met her she was tucked away with a book ignoring the world around her. Seriously, a space ship could have landed, abducted half the town and taken off again and she wouldn’t have noticed. That’s when he knew that he’d just found the coolest girl in the world – he just had to make her believe that. She wasn’t exactly the easiest of people to make believe your intentions were honourable but he wore her down and thus began the most epic of friendships. She was the Veronica to his Wallace, the apple pie to his ice-cream, she was the Mac to his cheese. You get the point, anyway so that was how it was from then onwards. Erica and Derek – friends for always. He even got the stamp of approval from her little sister Rose Evans but that might just have been because he always came over bearing Doritos and expert opinions on all things Lord of the Rings related. There isn’t anything Derek wouldn’t do for Erica, he just hopes that she knows that.

Okay so you remember how he’s the happy go lucky type? You literally couldn’t imagine him even disliking another human person? Well, there is always an exception. Lucas Durante – grade A d-bag. At least he was in high school and that’s when Derek knew him. He was always sniffing around Erica which didn’t sit right with him in the slightest especially since she claimed to hate his guts. Then they started dating and Derek tried to bite his tongue as best he could. You see Lucas was all ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ back then and despite Erica’s constant speeches about how Derek just had to get to know him, he always knew Luke was going to hurt Erica – and he did. He couldn’t believe Erica stayed with him after The Incident but she did, and still he bit his tongue because he’s nothing if not a good friend and she is stubborn as hell. Then Luke dumped her and left for college. That summer was probably the most heartbreaking thing – and he has seen Moulin Rouge – Derek has ever had to witness. Erica cried, and cried and cried for weeks and weeks. And that d-bag didn’t call or write or send a text so yeah, there’s an exception. There’s always an exception.

Additional Information

  • First and foremost Derek is human. He might have grown up in a town full of the supernatural and his best friend may very well be a shifter with a homicidal shifter father hell bent on destroying her life but he himself is oblivious
  • Speaking of the whole ‘dad’ issue, Derek has learned never to ask about Erica’s father. He respects her privacy and fully trusts that when the time is right she’ll tell him. He just has to be patient with her, like he’s always been
  • In high school one of his good friends and basketball court buddies was Ryan Mitchell. Ryan was in the year below him which meant Derek enforced his ‘older, wiser mentor’ role without being asked
  • Another blast from his past would be Elena Montgomery. Now she and Erica used to be all sleepovers and sharing sweaters but senior year hit, Lucas came into the picture and all of a sudden Elena was a total jerk to Erica. Derek’s never said anything because hey who really understands women? But he thinks Elena had a thing for Lucas
  • Dylan McCreery was the captain of the football team when Derek was on it and he always looked up to the guy. He wishes they’d been able to keep in touch after high school but hey, word is he’s back in Havensdale now
  • Derek and Erica were both accepted into Yale. Going to college with your best friend? Excellent. Your best friend disappearing from said college? Not-so-excellent. Derek’s barely head from Erica since she headed home claiming to want to ‘commute’. It’s been long enough now that he figures it’s time for a trip home himself. He just really hopes she’s not joined a gang or shaved her head or is living in a cave…

Phoebe Cohen’s bio has been updated!



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Have a beautiful, amazing, happy, MAGICAL TIME IN THE LAND OF THE HAPPY AND MAGICAL, my love.


Taken Baby!Hunter FCs list has been updated.

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In the wee hours of the morning, Havensdale Valley is shaken.

Standing inside The Gazebo, just before anyone has quite left their homes, are three very beautiful and very powerful Warlocks all with their loyalties in the pocket of Frederick Bellefonte. The thing about having your loyalty and admiration in said pocket is that when he asks you to do something— you do it and you do it right.

A town full of hunters can be problematic. Sort of like when there’s a fly buzzing around the room and you can’t quite squash it. There’s work to be done, things that have to be set into place so that this War can kick off as smoothly as a full blown supernatural War can so you can understand why Frederick requested a little free time.

The flair, the method— that he always leaves up to them.

So while you were brushing your teeth, still sleeping, getting ready to open up the shop or bakery or café they were bringing something wicked this way.

That’s when it happened. Havensdale was shaken— literally. Earthquakes are essentially unheard of in this town, they don’t happen here but for 120 seconds this morning it did.

OOC Information:

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Attention hunters!

Okay guys if you play a hunter, you should have a message from the main in your inboxes now. If you don’t, please let us know and we’ll re-send. Gemma, Katherine, Erin, Britt, Amy, Jo and Maya are who we have down on our list so if by some terrible mistake on my part I have missed you out let us know too.

Please get back to us ASAP.

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Chadwick King